1. wynndy replied to your photo “Papa Cardinal”

    Good looking devil, isn’t he? How ya doin??

    Yes he is! Hangin’ in there I guess. These last 2 photos are the first one’s I’ve made since the surgery. I’m sorta limited to what I can see sittin’ on the porch. And what I see right now is Cardinals and Hummingbirds, so….

    Thanks for asking, Tommy. Gettin’ little better every day. :))

  2. Papa Cardinal

  3. Fast Food 

  4. Bewicks Wren

  5. Another Texas Hill Country Painted Bunting

  6. Young Bull Elk

  7. Young Cardinal portrait

  8. 34/52 - Project one object, 52 weeks. The object, this bird feeder. 

    Peanut Inspector 

  9. Young Northern Cardinal female 

  10. Cardinal