1. Pecan Menace

  2. Sparrow-gate

  3. 35/52 - Project One Object, 52 Weeks, the object - this bird feeder. 

    Senior member of the resident Cardinal flock. 

  4. Thirsty Cardinal 

  5. Red menace

  6. Female Ruby Throat


  7. wynndy replied to your photo “Papa Cardinal”

    Good looking devil, isn’t he? How ya doin??

    Yes he is! Hangin’ in there I guess. These last 2 photos are the first one’s I’ve made since the surgery. I’m sorta limited to what I can see sittin’ on the porch. And what I see right now is Cardinals and Hummingbirds, so….

    Thanks for asking, Tommy. Gettin’ little better every day. :))

  8. Papa Cardinal

  9. Fast Food 

  10. Bewicks Wren